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NIST Library Apps For Everyone                                   

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For offline Follett Audiobooks and ebooks

  1. Find your audiobook or ebook in Destiny Discover MLC or Secondary
  2. Select “Checkout”
  3. Install Destiny Read app.
  4. Find “NIST Mechai Learning Commons” or “NIST Secondary Library”
  5. Log in.
  6. “Download” the audiobook you checked out
  7. “Return” your audiobooks when you are finished.


Connect to Pressreader using “NISTwifi” >> Create your own account >> for unlimited access anywhere in the world

Download the latest app here

More Pressreader HELP here

NIST Library Administration Apps for Staff


Check books in and out using Follett Destiny App:

iPhone and iPad

Android devices


Search and save book list that you would like to see in the NIST libraries.

iPhone and iPad