The most common approach is for classes to self-manage their access to the MLC (usually via Veracross bookings. Here’s how). MLC staff are always available to work alongside students to assist searches, support questioning and fuel their inquiries with high quality resources. MLC staff also support student agency by encouraging students to follow their personal interests and giving them many opportunities for self-selection of reading materials.

Building a community of readers is a priority requiring students to respect others, share their reading experiences, build knowledgable discussion about their reading lives and protect the rights of readers to explore, expand and enjoy their reading.

While most visits to the MLC encourage open access, there will also be many opportunities for collaboration with the librarian on more specific learning opportunities.


Specific learning opportunities in the MLC

The approaches to learning are supported in many ways in the MLC. In general, most lessons can be taught as a mini-lesson which is a 5-10 minute introduction followed by plenty of time for students to explore and extend their new learning. Here are some entry examples to get started with:

Destiny Discover (online library catalogue)
  • Destiny Discover Set-up: students are assisted to set up and log in to Destiny Discover on their own iPad. This is available for Year 2 – 6 students.
  • Destiny Discover for Searches: students explore search features to find books. Online catalogue searches always results in students accessing parts of the collection they may not usually visit resulting in broadening range of self-selected reading.
  • Destiny Discover for writing book reviews: these reviews are visible to all NIST students and teachers enabling them to share their reading with others.
  • Destiny Discover extra features: the are other features in Destiny Discover such as placing books on hold, saving titles to a favourites list and creating collections that allow students to curate and manage their own reading lives.
  • Destiny Discover ebooks and audiobooks: there are a few tips and tricks that will assist students to access stories in different formats via their ipads and playaways.
Database access
  • Setting up access to any of the library’s many online databases. Visit to view what is available.
  • Search features build skills and understandings of how information is organised, accessed and shared.



Here is a quick overview of the key library online resources to get started with.

Passwords can be found on this NIST Google Doc.