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Click here for the Destiny Discover in the:

Getting Started

Need to know:

  1. Destiny Discover (the NIST Library Catalogue) has moved to a web browser experience.
  2. Delete the Destiny Quest and Destiny Discover apps.
  3. Select your NIST library:
  4. Bookmark or “Add to Home Screen” for one click access.
  5. Log in with your NIST username & password (e.g. “24johnd”).

Here’s how to set up the NEW Destiny Discover catalogue on your device.

Destiny Discover provides you with online access to the entire NIST library catalogue of over 30,000 titles.

Destiny Discover is also your platform for Follett eBooks and audiobooks. Once you have logged in, you will be able to checkout eBooks and audiobooks for offline reading. The new ebook reader allows downloading using the browser storage.

Destiny Discover also enables you to curate your NIST library experience by creating a favourites list, writing reviews, placing books on hold, renewing current loans, viewing your loan history and search new titles.

Destiny Discover Tips and Tricks

Search Options

Not finding what you want? Click the “+” icon to change your search settings.

How to renew books online

Biblionasium Quick Start

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Share books with a built in QR Code or link.

  1. Find your book.
  2. Click on the cover.
  3. Click on “Share”.
  4. Download the QR code or share the link provided.

Write a book review.

  1. Log in.
  2. Find your book.
  3. Select Review.
  4. Rate and review.
  5. Submit. Your review will appear within 24 hours.

Safari not remembering your password?

Make sure AutoFill is turned on: Choose Settings > Safari > tap AutoFill, > turn on “Names and passwords”.