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How can I find NIST library Audiobooks in Destiny Discover?

There are a range different audiobooks and ebooks available through the NIST libraries. One of our main ways to access Audiobooks and ebooks is through the Destiny Discover app available for computers, iPads, iPhone and Android devices. Follow the steps in...

Why is the Destiny Quest app not working on my phone or iPad?

Destiny Quest is not compatible with the new iOS 11 operating system so if you have updated your device then it will not work. We contacted the software designer Follett who informed us that they will discontinue support for Destiny Quest and have developed Destiny...

Fidget Spinners : What do toys tell us about ourselves?

"The small spinning gadgets are sweeping through classrooms across the globe (and then quickly getting banned). They are “hula-hoops for Generation Z”. What do toys tell us about ourselves? It was “one horrible summer” in the early 1990s when inventor Catherine...

Is this a faked image?

How do we know what we see online is fake or real? What do you think? How can you find out? What does this image make you think? Find out if it is fake or real [HERE]

Latest Issue from Newsademic is out

[ CLICK HERE ] to view and find your [passwords here] The election in the Netherlands was the first of three important votes in EU member countries this year. (The other two are in France and Germany.) After last year's unexpected 'leave' vote in the United Kingdom...


The Mechai Learning Commons Philosophy

We believe the our learning commons is a community space that serves as a place for ideas, reflection, collboration and interaction to promote learning. It is an environment where both print and digital literacy are used to provoke inquiry, extend curiosity and enrich imagination.

Our learning commons is a welcoming and engaging central hub that connects our multilingual community.