For Parents

What is Epic?

At school and home 6am – 4pm Monday – Friday, Epic provides free ebook access to over 40,000 high-quality fiction & nonfiction books for kids 12 and under.

What you will need: a class code provided by your homeroom teacher that you can enter following the 4 steps.

At home after 4pm Monday – Friday and all day Saturdays/Sundays, Epic requires a subscription fee of $7.99/month.

Does every child in my home need a subscription? NO, A standard home account allows for up to four separate child profiles for a personalised reading

For Teachers


  • Free access from home comes to an end on 30 June
  • It is against EPICs terms and conditions to allow the use of the classroom code outside of the school buildings.
  • EPIC FREE: Parents who signed up for remote access during lockdown will be offered access to a limited collection for 2 hours a week over summer. It is not clear what will be included in the “limited collection”.
  • 30 Day Free Trial: Parents who didn’t sign up may be able to get a 30 day free trial to the full service
  • Parents can subscribe to the full service for USD7.99 per month
  • When school resumes in August students can use the class codes for free access between 6 am-4pm  while at school.
  • Epic will remain free for educators