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Welcome to the NIST Library FAQ page

Latest answers to FAQs.

What online newspapers do we have access to?

The NIST Libraries have four major subscriptions for newspapers online.  Go to for all links and login information. The most recent addition is the Financial Times, available for all staff and students ages 16-19. CLICK HERE while...

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Do the NIST libraries take book donations?

Yes, the libraries are happy to accept book donations. This is what we do with them: The librarians will check through the books to see if there are any titles that we would add to our collection. This decision is based on whether the book is current and in excellent...

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How can I renew a book loan online?

MLC elementary and Secondary Library Log into Destiny Discover Open the "Main Menu" Open "Checkouts" and select "Renew" Please note, you can only renew a book if you have no...

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What is MLA referencing?

MLA is the default referencing style for NIST Middle School and High School students, unless told otherwise by their teachers. The posters below show what both the in-text citations and the bibliography look like in MLA. For more information, see these websites:...

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