Suppose you want to cite a YouTube video like this one: (shown on the right).  It’s a song performed by Talking Heads which was uploaded by “MadFranko008” on Jun 19, 2013.

Using the MLA 8 Template from the official MLA Style website, we can construct a bibliography entry like this:

Talking Heads. “Once In A Lifetime (Full Length Version) (1980/ 2013) (HD).” YouTube, uploaded by MadFranko008, 19 June 2013, . Accessed 10 Dec. 2017.

  • AUTHOR:  Talking Heads.
  • TITLE OF SOURCE:  “Once In A Lifetime (Full Length Version) (1980/ 2013) (HD).”
  • OTHER CONTRIBUTORS:  uploaded by MadFranko008,
  • PUBLICATION DATE:  19 June 2013,
  • DATE OF ACCESS (optional in MLA 8):  Accessed 10 Dec. 2017.

Note that MLA 8 doesn’t require the date of access, but the IBO requests students include it.

In the body of a piece of writing, the video could be cited like this:

David Byrne was filmed singing and performing “Once in a Lifetime” in 1980 (Talking Heads).

If you wanted to cite a YouTube channel as a whole, e.g., Historia Civilis, the bibliography entry might look like this:

Historia Civilis channel. YouTube, 2018,  Accessed 2 Feb. 2018.

The publication date of 2018 is because that is the date of the most recent video posted on the site (like finding a copyright date on a website).