1. Request an account [click here].

An email will be sent to you as soon as your account has been approved by the NIST librarians.

2. Create a free Adobe ID account [click here].

This enables you to access your downloaded ebooks on any device.

3. What apps do I need?  [Click here for Adobe Digital Editions]

There is always an app. Depending on which device you are using you can download Adobe Digital Editions that is right for you.

4. Log into ProQuest Ebook Central to download your book [click here].

There are over 1,300,000 ebooks available in this library however each book can have different access options and costs. If a book is indicated as “available”, you can click on download.

What does “Available on Request” mean?

This book probably exceeds a maximum cost threshold. You may read the book for 5 minutes at no cost. Request access 1. click on the title to see the detailed record, 2. select “Request” to fill in the request form. Your NIST librarians will contact you to arrange access providing cost and need are viable.

Can I print or copy pages? Yes.

The book access details will let you know how many pages you can copy or print.