Download “Follett Destiny” apps here

iPhone and iPad

Android devices

Why use the Follett Destiny app for self checkout?

If you check a book out on your account but would like to pass it onto a student or another staff member, you can use this app to transfer the book onto their account giving them the responsibility to return it to the library.

Also, classroom library books that are from either library can be readily checked out to students ensuring that where these books are and who is responsible for them is always accurate and current.

Contact or if you have any questions.

This is a one time setup.

Once set up for either the Secondary or Mechai Learning Commons (MLC) only books from that library (including the professional collections in each library) can be checked using this app. Return to step 3 to setup for the Secondary Library.

Books can only be checked out (not checked in) so the ownership is transferred between patrons but not checked back into the MLC.