Everyone who has a barcode of their NIST ID can check out books by themselves in the Secondary Library.

Students in Years 12 and 13, parents, and teachers should already have NIST ID cards which have scannable barcodes on them.

For students in Year 7 through 11, printed barcodes are being distributed via Advisory Groups, together with a clear “barcode protector” label.  When you get your NIST ID barcode, put it on something you are likely to have with you in the library, e.g., your student planner notebook or your laptop.  Cover it with the clear label.

Follow the instructions below in the slideshow presentation to check out library books by yourself using the Self Check-Out station on the table at the entrance to the Secondary Library.


Questions?  Don’t hesitate to ask any of the library staff — Ms. Katie, Khun Ta, or Khun Mui.