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MLC (Mechai Learning Commons) Bookings

Flexible Schedule: the MLC operates a flexible schedule to maximise our ability to be responsive to student inquiries, to support student agency in their access to the MLC and to ensure MLC visits are purposeful.

Bookings for the MLC are not mandatory prior to a visit. Bookings are a means to communicate and coordinate with other teachers.

To ensure students continue to have consistent access to the MLC resources, the move from a 6 day to a 10 day cycle will mean that classes can aim to visit 2 times per cycle instead of 1.

Up to 3 classes can book the MLC at one time.

If you have not booked and the MLC is too crowded when you visit, please check with the teachers already present and give preference if necessary to the other classes. This rarely happens so feel free to visit as required.

Booking the librarian

If you would like the librarian to be a part of or co-teach a session in the MLC, add a request in the “note” section of the booking. The librarian will email you to confirm and make any necessary arrangements.