Kids’ Lit Quiz is an annual international event, started in 1991.

Teams of students (all between the ages of 10 and 13) are challenged with questions about children’s literature(e.g., authors, titles, and characters) in a fun competition.  See the official international website here

Quizzes are held in different countries around the world: Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, United Kingdom and USA.  The winners from each country then compete in the World Final each year.

This was the first year the Kids’ Lit Quiz was held in Thailand — and the run-off heats and the final between schools were held on Oct. 17, 2018, at Bangkok Patana School.

Twenty-one teams competed in the morning heats (three each from Bangkok Patana School, Bangkok Prep, Traill International School, St. Andrews International School – Green Valley, Shrewsbury International School, British International School Phuket, and NIST).  Only the top 6 teams would compete in the afternoon Thailand Final.

Our 2018 NIST teams were led by Ms. Katie Day and Ms Victoria Hall, with Team 1: Milasha Golokoz (Y8), Mia Thiele (Y7), and Elsa Werne (Y7); Team 2: Penny Carter (Y7), Kelly Kwon (Y7), and Pinky Glenny (Y7); and Team 3Megan Worthington (Y7), Maya McHarg (Y8), and Garance Baron (Y7).

The morning heats were a lively affair, with teams writing down answers to 10 questions, in 10 categories.  The categories for this event were:  Babies, Clocks, Clothing, Comics & Cartoons, Confectionery, Captains, Creatures, Furniture, Portals, and Teenagers.  Each team chose a category to earn double points in.  (The NIST teams all happened to choose “Comics & Cartoons.”)

As the categories are not known ahead of time, the only way teams can prepare is to read widely, as Wayne Mills, the quizmaster, kept stressing to the children.

At the end of the morning heats, the top 6 teams were:  1st place: Bangkok Patana – Team 1 (82.5 points); 2nd place: British International School – Phuket – Team 1 (81 points); 3rd place: Shrewsbury International School – Team 1 (77 points); 4th place: Bangkok Patana – Team 2 (70 points); 5th place: St. Andrews – Green Valley – Team 2 (68.5 points); and 6th place: NIST – Team 3 (67.5 points).  NOTE:  The other two NIST teams placed 7th (64.5 points) and 8th (64 points).

The final in the afternoon had a different format. Teams used buzzers, and the questions were asked in the form of long descriptions, with teams able to “buzz” whenever they thought they knew the answer.  Answers were given orally — with a correct answer earning the team 2 points and an incorrect answer costing them 1 point (and then they couldn’t try again on the same question).  For this final, the 5 categories were: Authors, Anthropomorphic Characters, Openings to Books, Titles, and Myths & Legends.

As four members were allowed per team and all the other teams had four people, while we had only three on ours, the quizmaster told us we could add one extra person to NIST Team 3 for the final, and the NIST coaches chose Penny Carter (from Team 2).

At the end of the very close competition, the top three teams were:  1st place: NIST Team 3  (33 points); 2nd place: Bangkok Patana – Team 1 (32 points); and 3rd place: St. Andrews – Green Valley – Team 2 (29 points).

Winning the competition means our team can compete in the World Final in Singapore next July.

Click here to see a collection of photos featuring our NIST students, taken at the Kids’ Lit Quiz event.

Click here to watch a 7-minute video, put together by Bangkok Patana, which shows our winning team getting their awards at the final.

Click here to see the website Bangkok Patana set up in preparation for the day.

Thanks to Bangkok Patana for organizing and hosting a wonderful event, and special thanks to Wayne Mills, the founder and quizmaster, for coming to Thailand from New Zealand to run the quiz.

And congratulations to all our NIST teams!

Information about the World Final next July — and about next year’s Thailand Final — will be updated on the NIST library’s Kids’ Lit Quiz webpage.