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Young people are experts in their own reading lives.

All children are readers.

Free voluntary reading means students get to choose what they read, when they read and where they read.

Lifelong reading begins with self-selected reading based on interests.

Everyone has a reading story.

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A slew of all-seasons reading ideas


Reading into uncharted territory

Chose from genre, characters, time periods, translations and more.

Book discovery tools

Book maps, recommendations, booktubers, podcasts and more.

NIST libraries & Thai connections

New to NIST secondary library; if you liked “Game of Thrones”… ; authors and series; recommended reads for NIST DP students; Thai fiction and nonfiction, and more.

Books lists & top reads

Dig into some recommended lists from Goodreads, Pernille Ripp, Common Sense Media, The Hub, Five Books, TED-Ed, Electric Lit and more.

Learning to read


Stephen Krashen

Stephen Krashen provides a wealth of research and information with an emphasis on free voluntary reading.

"Choice Words" by Peter Johnston

Students with agency are in control and feel in control of their reading lives. Students with agency :

Work harder :: They have greater focus :: They have more interest :: They are less likely to give up :: They are better at planning :: They are more likely to choose challenging tasks :: They set higher goals :: They have improved concentration when difficulties are faced :: And the process is iterative, that is, it creates a positive cycle of success.

Children's Language: Connecting Reading, Writing, and Talk by Judith Wells Lindfors

Learning to read is a collaborative partnership where young people can be the very thing they are becoming – readers. At the centre of being readers is authenticity and a meaning-orientation – that is, a genuine purpose for reading with an inevitable authentic and individual response to that text.

The Rights of the Reader by Daniel Pennac

A work of literature in itself, allow this book to breakdown through the crusted layers of educational instruction to find the heart of reading.

Maryanne Wolf

Find her books in the professional collection here . Maryanne Wolf is an advocate for children and literacy around the world. She is the Director of the  newly created Center for Dyslexia, Diverse Learners, and Social Justice at the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies. Here latest book is “Reader, Come Home : the Reading Brain in a Digital World“.

Books in the NIST libraries

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There are many ways to begin, enjoy and extend your reading story. Use the links below to discover something new.

In the MLC


We have more than 3100+ Nonfiction books , 3100+ Picture Books, 2300+ Chapter books, 320+ Biographies, 1100+ Books in Series, 500+ Comics and Graphic Novels and 550+ Junior Fiction Books to explore.

Here are some searches to get you started in FICTION try Fantasy :: Monsters:: Science :: Funny Fiction :: Dragons :: Horror :: Diaries :: Ghosts :: Mystery :: Schools ::


Here are more searches to get you started in NONFiction try Dinosaurs :: Animals :: Beautiful animal books :: Animals in art :: Jokes :: Fashion :: Biographies :: Women’s biographies


Try some of these Volcanoes :: Mountains :: Cats :: Dogs :: Pets 



Tumblebooks : Stories, graphic novels, long reads and nonfiction.

Follett Audiobooks : here is how to get started.

Playaways : mp3 players checked out from the NIST libraries.

StoryBox : Storytime. Anytime.

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Digital Reads



Follett eBooks : 900+ ebooks Visit here is how to get started.

The Day and The Day Explorer : News for kids

Pressreader : 7000+ magazines. Click here for kids and tweens.

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