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ROBLOX STUDIO NIST : pilot project


What is ROBLOX?

“Roblox is the best place to Imagine with Friends. With the largest user-generated online gaming platform, and over 15 million games created by users, Roblox is the #1 gaming site for kids and teens (comScore). Every day, virtual explorers come to Roblox to create adventures, play games, role play, and learn with their friends in a family-friendly, immersive, 3D environment.” – ROBLOX “About” page

Here is another useful introduction to Roblox for parents.


Roblox Studio provides a new and unique opportunity for students to experience the real world of game design in a creative, supportive and participatory 3D environment. The Roblox Studio platform mimics current game creation software such as Unity 3D and provides direct access to an authentic audience. Many students are already frequent players of Roblox games however many do not know that they can become creators and developers themselves.

This is therefore highly motivating for students and offers NIST an excellent opportunity to build approaches to learning skills (thinking, communication, social, self-management and research skills), extend their understanding of the gaming industry, and experience building a safe community of practice.

Hosting Roblox Studio in the MLC provides a visible and accountable space for students to model safe online behaviours across grade levels, build mentorship skills, collaborate, and provide constructive feedback to their peers. The MLC is also able to provide support throughout the year which enable students to engage in a long-term project.

Many parents and students do not know about the steps they can take to ensure their safety on such platforms. Roblox therefore provides an ideal opportunity for students and families to learn the critical digital citizenship understandings and skills necessary for any online environments. ROBLOX game site is currently unavailable (blocked by NIST firewall). This may change in the future to allow students to test their creations with a NIST audience.




PLAY with

Not currently available at NIST.

Parent settings available to manage in game chat and messaging, view friends and followers, view chat history and trade history.

Anyone breaking ROBLOX rules can be reported and blocked by users.

ROBLOX is free BUT Robux can be purchased (this is not endorsed by NIST)

ROBLOX is a member of the “KidSAFE Seal Program”. This means that the product is independently reviewed, certified to meet standards of online safety and privacy.


“Make Anything You Can Imagine, With our FREE and immersive creation engine”.

Creating and making games public allows students to test out their creations with friends.

Create a ROBLOX Account


  • Children under 13 years must create their account with parental supervision.
  • Enter the correct date of birth to ensure ROBLOX creates an age appropriate account (an under 13 account).
  • Do not create a username that reveals any personal information about the student. Do not use a name, date of birth, city, address or any other personal details.
  • The parent must be the person to click the Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy” checkbox.
  • Enter and verify a parent email address in “My Settings”.
  • Print, complete and return parent consent form to MLC staff.

SAFETY: ROBLOX Safety Features

“The Roblox Community is made up of players and developers of all ages. We work hard to create an environment that is safe and fun for all of our users. To aid in this process, we provide our users and their parents with a number of safety features.”

  1. ROBLOX is a member of the “KidSAFE Seal Program”. This means that the product is independently reviewed, certified to meet standards of online safety and privacy.
  2. Anyone breaking ROBLOX rules can be reported and blocked by users.
  3. Only elementary students who have an “<13” account can use ROBLOX at NIST.
  4. Parent settings available to manage in game chat and messaging, view friends and followers, view chat history and trade history.
  5. Optional: Set up 2 Step Verification for additional security. This option is not recommended because this will block students from being able to sign in using the NIST computers.
  6. See APPENDIX 1 for a sample email from ROBLOX that you will receive as the parent.
  7. ROBLOX Terms of Use
    1. “(1) be 18 or older, or have your parent or guardian’s consent to agree to the Terms, and (2) have the power to enter a binding contract with us and not be barred from doing so under any applicable laws.”
    2. “If you are under 18, your parent/guardian may request the termination of your Account by contacting customer service at”

How it will run at NIST

  • Where: at home and in the Mechai Learning Commons.
  • Library maintains a database of student participants : Name, Homeroom, Roblox username and Games published.
  • Report behaviour infringements in Roblox and within the library consistent with NIST behaviour policies and child safeguarding.

NIST Terms of Use

Language : Consistent with NIST behaviour policies.

Behaviour : Consistent with NIST behaviour policies.

Violence : Consistent with NSIT behaviour policies.

NIST ROBLOX Studio accounts

  • Students with a ROBLOX account can log into Roblox Studio to create and save their projects to their own account.
  • If they do not have a ROBLOX account a general MLC is used. Account password is known only to library staff.

Design process

  1. Design: Students begin creating games.
  2. Publish: Games are published.
  3. Play: Student created games are played in the MLC.
  4. Feedback: Students playing student games provide feedback to the creators.
  5. Redesign: Games are refined and developed.

APPENDIX 1 : Sample email to parents from Roblox

Email to parent from ROBLOX:

Roblox Account Authorization


Your child created the account ‘AccountName’ on Roblox, the online imagination and gaming platform. The child provided your email address at account creation. The purpose of this notification is to inform you of our privacy policies.

You can verify your email address by clicking the button below.

Verify Email

Password Resets

Parent email addresses are used for password resets if the child forgets their password. For more information about resetting your password, please go here: Reset your Password.


Your child has provided us with a username, date of birth, and a parent’s email address. The parent’s email address is only used for account management and to notify parents of changes to the user’s account access.

Roblox offers parental controls. Parents can enable a parent PIN and change a child’s communication and chat settings by visiting the security and privacy tabs of the settings section while logged in to the child’s account. To update settings and add a parent PIN please visit:!/security

You may remove your child’s account or your email address at any time by contacting customer service at By not removing your child from Roblox, you give Roblox permission to use your and your child’s information for the purpose outlined within this email.

Please review our privacy policy for more information at

Thank you,

The Roblox Team

Do not reply to this email directly.