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How can I renew a book loan online?

MLC elementary and Secondary Library Log into Destiny Discover Open the "Main Menu" Open "Checkouts" and select "Renew" Please note, you can only renew a book if you have no...

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What is MLA referencing?

MLA is the default referencing style for NIST Middle School and High School students, unless told otherwise by their teachers. The posters below show what both the in-text citations and the bibliography look like in MLA. For more information, see these websites:...

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What is APA referencing?

APA is a referencing style required by some of the High School departments at NIST, e.g., Science, Mathematics, and Psychology. The posters below show what both the in-text citations and the bibliography (reference list) look like in APA style. For more information,...

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NIST wins the Thailand Kids Lit Quiz!

Kids' Lit Quiz is an annual international event, started in 1991. Teams of students (all between the ages of 10 and 13) are challenged with questions about children’s literature(e.g., authors, titles, and characters) in a fun competition.  See the official...

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Roblox Studio: Can NIST students use ROBLOX STUDIO at school?

Yes, NIST students can build and create games and whole worlds using ROBLOX STUDIO but they cannot play on In the MLC we use an MLC account however we recommend that students create their own ROBLOX STUDIO accounts with their parents. Visit this site...

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Epic! books : getting started.

For Parents What is Epic? At school, Epic provides free ebook access to over 25,000 high-quality fiction & nonfiction books for kids 12 and under.  At home, Epic provides the same ebook access for a subscription fee of $7.99/month. ...

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