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How can I read Extended Essays of previous students?

PRINTED COPIES OF EXTENDED ESSAYS All the Extended Essays of NIST IB Diploma students are printed and bound by Subject Group each year -- and available to read in the Secondary Library. The grades of each are pencilled in the Table of Contents for each volume. You can...

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The Bangkok Book Awards 2018

The Bangkok Book Awards are now on display in the Secondary Library.  Come check out the six books in each of the Junior and Young Adult categories. In May students will be asked to vote for their favorite in each category.  There will be NIST winners as well as...

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How do I access ASCD Educational Leadership magazine online?

The good news is that we have access to Educational Leadership from ASCD through our EBSCOhost Research databases. Here is the direct link to the website. You will need to log in using either the personal account details that you have set up already or use the NIST...

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What kind of citations and referencing does the IB require?

All work submitted for the IB Diploma must be academically honest, which means acknowledging any materials or ideas used. For a full explanation of referencing, we recommend you read the 16-page document -- "Effective citing and referencing" -- published by the IBO in...

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