​​​​​​Personal Project

Welcome to the PP Resource Page. Here you’ll find all kinds of resources to help you research, stay organised, and pull together your Personal Project. Click here to find out when the next PP Workshop will be.

Workshop 1: Researching & Evaluating Information

Research & Evaluating Information PowerPoint – Click here to see the PowerPoint used in the May 1st Workshop on Evaluating Information.

Evaluating Sources Resource Page – Click on this page to find more information about using CARRDSS to evaluate information.

Evaluating Sources Worksheet – Use this worksheet to help you think about CARRDSS when eveluating your sources for your Personal Project.

PP Research Checklist – Use this checklist to help you organise your research and to remind you of the different sources of information you might want to consult in your research.

INFOGRAPHIC – Get More Out of Google

Workshop 2: Notes to Action

Note to Action Worksheet – Here are some examples of how you can use your research to plan for action. It also gives examples of the thinking or reflection that should be taking place in terms of your Global Context. You can delete these examples and use the worksheet to analyze your own research notes.

Notes to Action PowerPoint – This PowerPoint will show you where you should be at this point in your project (end of August – finished research), and where you should be heading. You will need to be thinking about how you can take the information you found in your research and use it to inform and plan the “action” phase of your project.

Workshop 3: Bibliography & In-Text Referencing

Referencing Tools – Click here to see what tools you can use to help you create a properly formatted MLA Bibliography.
Does your Bibliography Look Like This? If not, make corrections!!
In-Text Citation – A useful power Point introducing how to cite information in the body of your work
Tables, Figures and Illustrations – How to cite these in your work.