Extended Essay

Welcome to the EE Resource Page. Here you’ll find all kinds of resources to help you research, stay organised, and pull together your Extended Essay.


Workshop 1 – How to Research for your EE (Tuesday, April 7th)

Workshop #1 Power Point – Click here for the link to the PowerPoint I used in Workshop # 1 – Researching for your EE
INFOGRAPHIC – Get More Out of Google
Search Engines & Directories
EE Research Checklist – Use this checklist to help you organise your research and to remind you of the different sources of information you might want to consult in your research.


Workshop 2 – Taking Notes & Keeping Organized (Friday, May 1st)

Workshop #2 PowerPoint

Taking Notes – Templates – Here are some of the templates I showed you in the workshop with which you could take notes, or organize you own system of taking notes!

  • Word – Notes by Source
  • Word – Notes by Topic
  • OneNote – Notes by Source
  • OneNote – Notes by Topic
  • OneNotes – Paper Outline
  • EasyBib – Notebook Tutorials – Here you will find short tutorial videos on all of the aspects of Notebook which I went over in the workshop

Graphic Organizers – Here are a number of places where you can download graphic organisers, or at least view them and make your own based on the style:


Workshop 3 – Getting From Notes to Outline

Link to Workshop #3 Power Point – Getting from Notes to an Outline

Purdue OWL links to:

Links to EE Tables of Contents:

  • Example TOCs Group 1 & 2: Language A 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Example TOCs Group 3: Business 1, 2, 3, 4, Economics 1, 2, Geography 1, 2, 3, History 1, Psychology 1, 2
  • Example TOCs Group 4: Biology 1, 2, 3, Chemistry 1, 2, 3, Env Systems 1, Design 1,
  • Example TOCs Group 5: Mathematics 1
  • Example TOCs Group 6: Theatre Arts 1, Visual Arts 1, 2, 3


Workshop 4 – Referencing & In-Text Citation

For MLA Style

NIST Library Works Cited How To Page
Link to Workshop # 4 Power Point – How to Cite Right & Avoid Plagiarism
IB Document: Effective Citation and Referencing

Citation FAQs: Have questions about citations in other languages, special cases, etc? Check here to see if your question has been answewred. If not, email your Teacher-Librarian (Ms Stephanie: swallis@nist.ac.th)!

Other Resources:

Ethical Use of Images – How to cite images in your work
Tables, Figures and Illustrations – How to cite these in your work.
Works Cited List & In-text referencing – example of a proper MLA 7 Works Cited list, as well as what the in-text referencing should look like for this list.
Works Cited Checklist – to help you make sure you’ve included everything you need to!

For APA Style

Purdue OWL APA How to