WHY have a Self-Checkout counter?

The Self-checkout counter in the MLC gives students that extra sense of ownership and agency in their use of the library. Minimising the need for adults to mediate activities in the MLC enables library visitors to feel welcome in the space and capable of independent access.

WHO can use the Self-Checkout counter?

Everyone with a NIST barcode.

  1. Located on NIST ID cards.
  2. Printed by library staff on request.
  3. Electronic versions can be emailed to you by MLC staff for you to print additional copies.

WHAT do we do with the barcodes?

Students can apply them to any item that they will have access to while visiting the MLC. Each class is different. For example, some classes have a small weekly schedule card that they stick the barcode onto the reverse side. Some classes create small bookmarks, use the name tag on the book bags, or stick the barcode to the back of student iPads.

HOW do we use the Self-Checkout counter?

Use the Checkout 1,2,3 steps.

  1. Scan the personal barcode.
  2. Scan the barcode on each book.
  3. Press reset.