CLICK HERE to book your 30 minute VR Taster session in the MLC.

VR (Virtual Reality) technologies offer infinite independent pathways for students. VR is expanding at rapid pace in industries such as gaming, automotive, transport, manufacturing, film, animation, cinematics, architecture, engineering, & construction. The possibilities for students to explore their own path is exciting and available now. NIST has recently purchased a HTC Vive VR headset to test out some of these possibilities. Our aim is to 1. Learn the technology, 2. Explore available content, 3. Play with content creation (read more here). These 30 minute VR Taster sessions give you the opportunity to find out more about VR by experiencing it for yourself.
I will be available in the MLC Campfire to set you up with the Vive VR headset then you will have time to explore it for yourself. Feel free to play Beat Saber (careful, … it’s very addictive!) , paint in 3D with TiltBrush, design with Gravity Sketch, experience 3D storytelling, learn gaming basics in Rec Room, watch a 360 video in Within, walk inside Google Earth, or experience a VR meeting spaces in AltSpaceVR. Perfect for any VR newcomers or VR veterans, come on your own or bring your team.CLICK HERE to book your 30 minute VR Taster session.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to these sessions, if they prove popular, more VR Taster days will come soon.

Contact Philip if you have any questions or feedback.