MLC QUICKSTART guide for teachers


An easy to remember one-stop-shop for everything to do with the NIST libraries. Here are some highlights.

If you don’t find the answer to your questions here, then use the “ASK” image to send a request. 


Email us at for any MLC library inquiries. This email goes to Khun Fon, Khun Fern, Khun Tong and myself so this is a great way to make general library resource or book requests. We can usually respond to these emails within an hour. 


Use Google Hangouts to IM (or email) me directly at

NIST libraries have recently overhauled and expanded our digital resources. Always popular is Pressreader with 7000+ newspapers & magazines in 65 languages; we have made some very exciting (for geeks) changes to our EBSCO professional range; Kanopy videostreaming is growing in popularity; The Day News for Kids receives 1000s of visits a month; Tumblebooks and tonnes more at Digital Resources online.

Apps are always coming and going so this is where we keep you up-to-date on the apps most commonly used in connection with the NIST libraries. Use Destiny Read for offline audiobooks and ebooks, Follett Destiny app to check books out with your iPhone, Pressreader for most devices, and more.

This is a brand NEW page compiling some links, ideas, resources and philosophies for reading and how the NIST libraries can support a culture of reading at NIST. Please share any resources and ideas to help build this into a one-stop-shop for reading inspiration.

With an unwavering enthusiasm NIST elementary students have been building a very active community in the MLC around game development using Roblox Studio and Scratch. This is a summary page that I use for parents but you might also find helpful when talking to students and parents.


Opening times :: Mon – Thurs 7:30am – 4:30pm (once ECAs have started)  :: Fri 7:30am – 4:00pm  ::  Sat 9am – 1:00pm




Who manages the MLC schedule? You do >> Use the Veracross Staff Portal >> “Requests & Bookings” >> “MLC – Borrow, Return, Renew (Add)” >> then follow the instructions to place your booking.


Pre-booking is NOT mandatory but booking ahead does facilitate communication & adequate preparation – we want to create the best experience we can for you & your class.
Individuals or small groups of students from your class can come to the MLC anytime during the day so a note from you explaining the purpose & length of stay aids appropriate communication, care & support. We may also send a Hangouts IM if clarification is needed.

To provide regular opportunities for students to build agency in their reading lives (I have written a little about this here). 16000+ books + Destiny Discover + peers + family + teachers + MLC staff = a reading community, conversations and discovery.

Observing your students in the MLC is an ideal opportunity to gain deeper insight into your students’ reading identities. It is also a great place for a readers/writers workshop & for conferring.

How often? We’d love to have you there everyday. If you aim for 1 visit per week then minus regular interruptions from special events, holidays & life, it works out to 1 – 2 visits per cycle

Bookings can range from quick return’n’borrow visits to more extended periods of reading or more specific tasks or meet-ups with other classes or co-teaching lessons.



Add a note in your Veracross booking with the details of your request. I will contact you as soon as possible (within 1 working day) to confirm.


Use your Google Calendar to create a new event >> add as a guest >> use “Find a time” tab to check my availability.


Just send me an email


Talk to me in person. I will usually follow up our discussion with a calendar invite to confirm the details of the booking.

To build collective teacher efficacy + student agency.

Here are examples of some things I regularly do with teachers & classes ::

Intros to >> the MLC, finding books with Destiny Discover, to audiobooks, to ebooks, to other electronic info stuff & exploring genre.

Also >> book tastings; podcasting; game design in Roblox Studio; what does it mean to find a “just right book”; info search tips; book talk videos; see-think-wonder lessons around genre, author, illustration or story telling in books; curating classroom libraries.
Co-planning : invite me to your planning meetings for reading units, writing units and UOI; classroom library curation; professional reading ideas (eg. databases & books); protocols for refining year level resources; hosting morning meetings in the MLC.