“Red Guard Peace Demonstration on Marsovaya Pola.”


May 1896 – Tsar Nicolas II Coronation

1904-05 – Russo-Japanese War

Jan 22, 1905 – Bloody Sunday

Oct 30, 1905 – October Manifesto

1914 – Beginning of WWI

Feb/March 1917 Revolution – Lenin takes power

Oct/Nov 1917 Revolution – Tsar abdicates

PRECONDITIONS – Long term causes

  • Economic Dowturn
  • Psychological – Discontent
  • Political – Corruption & Inefficieny
  • Political – Division in ruling classes
  • Social – Poverty
  • Social – Class struggle


PRECIPITANTS – Short term causes/Catalysts

  • War
  • General Strike
  • Mutiny


Morecombe, Margot, and Mark Fielding. The Spirit of Change. Mcgraw-Hill Book Co, 1998, p. 3.

Punch Magazine. “‘Voici Le Sabre de Mon Père.’”

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Rivera, Diego. “La Revolución Rusa O La Tercera Internacional.”

Other Online Sources

Online Encyclopedias

1914-1918 International Encyclopedia of the First World War

This is the landing page for Articles, Encyclopedia Entries and Images for the Russian Empire. Remeber to scroll down and ‘Mine’ the references.

Newspapers & Magazines

Smithsonian Magazine – search results for “Russian Revolution

Scroll down to find articles about the Russian Revolution and World War I: 100 years later.

BBC History – War and Revolution in Russia 1914 – 1921

This page has been archived and is no longer updated, but the information is still accessible here.

Museums & Libraries

British Library – Seach results for “Russian Rvolution”

Includes: Articles / Collection Items / People / Glossary

FImage and film Galleries

Net Film – “revolution” newsreels and historical clips

A collection of newsreels and clisp showing events and life during the “Revolution”.

“Gregory Rasputin.”

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Soviet History Archive

Curated by the Marxist Internet Archive – each link has articles and related documents including maps.

Project 1917 – Free History

“1917. Free History” is a serial in the form of a social network. Twitter style Posts use original language (although shortened) and is accompanied by links to the original texts, photographs and videos.

Alpha History – Russian Revolution Documents

Documents are reviewed, transcribed and added.



History.com – “Russian Revolution” search results

These results pages include articles ranging from:  Topics / News / This-Day-In-History.

Sparticus Educational – Russian Revolution landing page

This page provides links to a range of articles written by John Sinkin under these headings: Events and Issues in Russia – 1914-25 / Russian Revolutionaries –  1914-26 / Political Groups / Foreign witnesses of the Russian REvolution / Artists in Soviet Russia.

Orlando Figges – The Russian Revoluti0n and Soviet History

Information designed to support GCSE, A-levels, IB and Undergraduate Degrees. Videos are only accessible with a subscription (which we do not have), however most of the articles are free access.

BBC Bitesize – Search results for Russian Revoloution

Some results are not on topic – but most are relevant and include Articles / Revision / Videos

ThoughtCo. – search results for “Russian Revolution”

5 pages of articles including: Causes / Timelines / Biographies etc.

OnWar.com – Russian Civil War 1918-20

This page is found on the WayBack Machine (Internet Archive) and was originally part of the now defunct Armed Conflict Events Database.

Citations and References

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