Mewett, Bruce. “Trench Warfare.”


  • Militarism
  • Alliances
  • Imperialism
  • Nationalism


  • Political : laws, borders, leaders…
  • Economic costs, jobs…
  • Social : women;s role, population, deaths and casualties, disease…
  • Technological : some good but mostly bad…

Library Books 

Library books for this topic can be found in the Nonfiction section under the Dewey Decimal number 940.3.

Poetry written during or about world War I can be found in the Nonfiction section under the Dewey Decimal number 808.81.

There is also a wide range of fiction based on events, characters and set during World War I available in the Historical Fiction section.

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Montani, Greg. “Field Mail First World War Letter.”

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“Lieutenant Willam Hopkins ‘Hop’ James MC, 1st Light Horse Regiment.”

Other Online Sources

UK websites

First Word War 100 (The National Archives) 

Includes: A Global View, Blog posts, Voices of the Armistice, Armistice and Legacy – a graphic novel, Plays about South Asia , Letters from 1915, Podcasts and Videos, Find your ancestor, Browse online collections.

Imperial War Museums – Learning Resources

These resources and primary source documents are searchable via time period, subject and age range.

National Army Museum

Includes a variety of Learning resources from videos to trails and home activities.

Other archives, museums and websites

The World War I Document Archive (Brigham Young Univesity)

International in focus, this archive intends to present primary documents concerning the Great War in one location.

World War I in photos (The Atlantic)

Introduction / The Western Front, Part I / Technology / Animals at war / Aerial warfare / Soldiers and civilians / War at sea / Global conflict / The Western Front, Part II, and Armistice / A century later.

Although this site is not a scholarly site – the Primary Source documents supplied are worth while… How it began / Battles / Who’s who / Posters / Audio & Video / Photos.

“British Soldier at the Grave of a Colleague near Cape Helles, Gallipoli.”

Kerckx, Ben, “Poppy Field at Flanders”.

US websites

American Experience: the Great War (

3 Episodes, @114mins. The site also includes links to other relevant articles and short films.

Library Of Congress

407,168 items available online including newspapers, personal narratives, books, photos, etc.

World War I Centennial – National Archives

Diversity in WWI / Training the soldier / On the homefront / On the battlefield / Personalities / Technology and innovation / Medicine at war / After the Armistice

International websites

1914-1918 International Encyclopedia of the First World War

Searchable by Themes / Regions / Articles A-Z / Bibliography / Contributors / Timeline

World War I (

Includes: archduke Franz Ferdinand / Kaiser Wilhem II / World War I begins / The Western Front / First battle fo the Marne / Wrld War I books and art / The Eastern Front / Russian Revolution / America enters the war / Gallipoli Campaign / Battle of the Isonzo / World War I at sea / World War I Planes / Second Battle. ofthe Marne / Role of the 92nd and 93rd Divisions / Toward Armistice / Treaty of Versailles / World War I Casualties / Legacy of World War I / Photo Gallery

World War I Introdution and Overview (

Includes: Belligerent Nations / Origins of World War I / World War I on Land / World War I at Sea / Victory / Aftermath / Technical Innovations / Modern View.

World War One (The British Library)

Explore over 500 historical sources from across Europe, together with new insights by World War One experts.

World War I and Australia 1914 to 1918

Includes: Military organization and weapons / Where Australians served / Australians ans Wartime Experience in WWI / Politics / Homefront