PechaKucha: Beyond 1939 – Europe #2

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  • Dambusters
  • The Enigma Machine
  • Blitzkrieg
  • Battle of Leyte Gulf
  • The Role of Women in WWII
  • African American Experiences in WWII



The Incredible Story of the Dambusters Raid

Headings include: The Targets / A Breakthrough in the Back Garden / Perfecting the Technique / The Squadron comes Together / The Plan / The Night of the Raid / The Result / Celebrity Status

The Story of the Dambusters

Headings include: Turning the Idea Into Reality / A New Squadron / The Targets / The Raid / Reaction to the Raid / The Film 

17th May 1943: RAF 617 Squadron Carries Out the ‘Dambusters’ Raid

Video using original photographs to accompany the Podcast narration.

The Dambusters Raid: How Effective Was It?

Article includes audio description of the raid (may not be playable).

The Enigma Machine

The Complete History fo the Enigma Machine

Headings include: Facts About the Enigma Machine / History / How It Worked / Historical Significance / Frequently Asked Questions.

The Battle to Crack Enigma – The Real Story of ‘The Imitation Game’ – WW2 Special

10 minute video using RIMARY SOURCE Materials, focusing on The Enigma Machine and Bletchley Park.

How Alan Turing Cracked the Enigma Code

Headings include: Mathemetician / Enigma and The Bombe / Hut 8, Bletchley Park / Turingery and Delilah / The Universal Turing Machine / Legacy.

This Day in History – July 09, 1941

Enigma Key Broken

History of the Enigma

Headings include: History of the enigma / Invention of the Rotor Machine (1915) / Glowlamp Enigma (1924) / Commercial Enigma (1926) / Zählwerk Enigma (1928) / Military Enigma (1932) / Manufacturers / The Polish Breakthrough (1933) / World War II / The Polish Gift / Bletchley Park / The Ultra Secret / The Battle of the Atlantic / The Abwehr Enigma / The Japanese Enigma / Improvements / Relatives of Enigma / After the War / Other WWII German Cipher Machines / Enigma Family Tree / Enigma Timeline…



Headings include: Blitzkrieg Definition / Uses of Blitzkrieg in World War II / Was Blitzkrieg Truly a New Form of Warfare? / Later uses of Blitzkrieg 

Blitzkrieg (Lightning War)

Article includes links to relevant battles and a map.

Blitzkrieg Tactics Explained: How Hitler Invaded France WW2

8 minute video including diagrams, demonstrations and PRIMARY SOURCE photographs.


Headings include: Hitler dictates Terms / Allies Unprepared / German Tactics / New form of Warfare? / Antecedents / Development of the Strategy / Applying the Doctrine

How Hitler’s Blitzkrieg Tactic Shocked the Allies in WWII

Headings include: Painful Lessons from World War I / What’s a Blitzkrieg Attack / Why Couldn’t the Allies Stop the Blitzkrieg / Blitzkrieg Meets the Societ Army / 

Battle of Leyte Gulf

Battle of Leyte Gulf

Headings include: Background and Objectives / Battle of Leyte Gulf / Casualties and Aftermath / Articles and Clippings About the Battle of Leyte Gulf

Battle of Leyte Gulf

Headings include: Background / Battle of the Sibuyan Sea / Battle of the Surigao Strait / Battle off Cape Engaño / Aftermath 

World War II: Battle of Leyte Gulf

Headings include: Background / The Japanese Plan / Fleets and Commanders / Sibuyan Sea / Surigao Strait / Cape Engaño / Samar / Aftermath

BIGGEST NAVAL BATTLE OF WWII (Part 1): The Battle of Leyte Gulf

Battle 360 – 6 minute video including reenactments, PRIMARY SOURCE photographs and video.

BIGGEST NAVAL BATTLE OF WWII (Part 2): The Battle of Leyte Gulf

Battle 360 – 6 minute video including reenactments, PRIMARY SOURCE photographs and video.

The Role of Women in WWII

Women Pilots of world War II by Lisa L. Owens

Life During World War II by Wendy H. Lanier

Women With Wings by Shannon Baker Moore

World War II Spies by Michael E. Gordon (includes. achapter on Women working undercover.

How World War II Empowered Women

Headings include: Rosie the Riveter Was More Influential 
Than Glamour girls / Women in Civilian Jobs Learned Valuable Skills / Women Served in Dangerous Roles in teh U.S. Military / Working Women endured Harrassment, Miserable Working Co0n ditions and Low Pay / Women’s Roles Continued to Expand int eh Postwar Era

World War II: 1939-1945

Headings include: The Impact of WWII on Women’s Work / Inequality and Discrimination

The Women of the Second World War

A look at the role of women in the Second World War in the lead up to the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day.

African American Experiences in WWII

African American GIs of WWII: Fighting For Democracy Abroad and at Home

Headings include: Fighting Racism at Home and Abroad / ‘A Breath of Freedom’ / Coming ‘Home’ 

Black Americans Who Searved in WWII Faced Segregation Abroad and at Home

Headings include: Discrimination in the Military / Fighting War on Two Fronts / The 761st Tank Battalion and the Tuskagee Airmen / After the War, a Continued Fight for Civil Rights