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  • World War II (Overview)
  • Stalingrad
  • D-Day
  • Nuremberg Trials
  • The Holocaust
  • Kindertransport

World War II (Overview)

World War II timeline

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The 10 Major Battles of World War II

Includes links to Related Posts.

PBS Master Piece – World on Fire

World War II Major Events Timeline.

World War II by Thomas K. Adamson


Battle of Stalingrad

Headings include: Prelude to the Battle of Stalingrad / Battle of Stalingrad begins / ‘Not a Step Back!’ / Russian Winter Sets In / Battle of Stalingrad Ends / Sources.

PRIMARY SOURCE: Battle of Stalingrad

Find An Object search results includes: Art / Books / Film / Photographs / Posters / Private Parpers / Sound / Vehicles, Aircraft and Ships

World War II: Battle of Stalingrad

Headings include: Background / Preparing the Defenses / The Battle Begins / Fighting among the Ruins / Soviets Strike Back / Aftermath of Stalingrad


D-Day: Archive video of the Normandy Landings

20 minute video featuring archival footage and Newsreel style narration.

The 10 Things You Need to Know About D-Day

Short facts and original images. Includes links to more information.

D-Day: Invasion, Facts and Significance

Headings include: Preparing for D-Day / A Weather Delay: June 5, 1944 / D-Day Landings: June 6, 1944 / Victory in Normandy.

Also includes links to many other relevant articles.

D-Day: What is it and Why is it Important?

Includes video footage,images and infographics.

Nuremberg Trials

Nuremberg Trials

Headings include: The Road to the Nuremberg Trials / The Major War Criminal’s Trial: 1945-46 / Subsequent Trials: 1946-49 / Aftermath.

Memorium Nuremberg Trials

Includes links to Courtroom 600: A virtual tour / The Nuremberg Trials explained (short video).

Nuremberg Trials

Headings include: Origin of the Court / Creation of the Court / Location / Participants / The Validity of the court / The main Trial / Influence on the Development of International Criminal Law…

PRIMARY SOURCE: The Nuremberg Trials (1945)

8 minute Newsreel circa 1945.

The Holocaust

What was the Holocaust?

Headings include: Who were the Nazis? / Who was Adolf Hitler? / What was the Holocaust? / Nazi Persecution / Kristallnacht and the murder of millions / Who was killed or persecuted in the Holocaust? / How Did the Holocaust End? / Were Nazis punished for the Holocaust? / How do we remember the Holocaust?

The Holocaust: Facts, Victims and Survivors

Headings include: Before the Holocaust / Nazi Revolution in Germany, 1939-1940 / Beginning of War, 1939-1940 / Towards the “Final Solution”, 1940-1941 / Holocaust Death. Camps, 1941-1945 / Nazi Rule Comes to an End, as Haolocaust Continues to Claim Lives, 1945 / Aftermath and Lasting Impact of the Holocaust / Photo Galleries.

What Was the Holcoaust?

Pages include: What was the Holocust? / Life Before the Holcoasut / Antisemitism / How Did the Nazis Rise to Power? / Life in Nazi Controlled Europe / What Were the Ghettos and Camps? / How and Why Did The Holocaust Happen? Resistance, Responses and Collaboration / Survival and Legacy. Includes PRIMARY SOURCE Materials – part of the Winer Holocaust Library.

The Holocaust: History and Memory

Explore the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum…

The Holocaust by Amy Elizabeth Robinson

Headings include: A Spiral of Fascism / Origins and First Steps Before the Seconda World War / Intensification after 1939 / (Graphic Picture Warning) / The “Final Solution” / Who Were the Killers? / Sources.


The Kindertransport Children 80 years on

Includes images and video.

Holocaust Encyclopedia: Kindertransport, 1938-40

Headings include: Background / Arrival in Harwich / Enemy Aliens / After the War. Includes images and video.

Historical timeline

Headings include: Introduction / 1933-1939 in the Reich / Rising to the Moment / Life in Britain / Detour to Normandy / Kaddish in London / KTA History…

The Heartbreaking WWII Rescue That Saved 10,000 Jewish Children From the Nazis

Includes PRIMARY SOURCE images and links to other relvant pages.